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That Poppy

I highly recommend you check out the YouTube channel/persona “Poppy,” which is to internet video what Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job was to basic cable and what Pee Wee’s Playhouse was to children’s programming. There’s an obnoxious Wired article going around about it (which is how I discovered it, so thanks for that, Wired, although your tone was super condescending) which makes me suspect I hate most of its fanbase (skews heavily toward “my imaginary girlfriend”/”solve this mystery” obsession), so maybe you should avoid reading anything about it at all. But the video art itself? Very, very worthy. Extremely funny. Extremely well-observed.

Some favorites:

My Phone Is Not Plugged In

The Queen of YouTube

Thursdays Are So Boring

Trump/Zuma FBI/Scorpions comparisons

Behind the Scenes: Trump’s Dictator Tendencies”┬áisn’t a Daily Show bit; it’s Trevor Noah chatting with the audience while a shot is set up. He compares and contrasts Trump’s firing of the FBI director with his memories of South African president Jacob Zuma’s 2008 dismantling of the South African equivalent of the FBI, the Scorpions.