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Reality Winner

The woman accused of leaking the NSA document is named Reality Winner. That’s her name. Her real, legal name. It’s not a handle. As far as I know, she was born with it. News organizations are trying to distract us by adding the middle name Leigh whenever they say it, but I’m going loud and proud: the woman who tipped off The Intercept about Russian vote tampering attempts is REALITY WINNER.

Sabitha says: I hope she’s okay but also I’m smiling every time I think about how Neal Stephenson must feel right now.


Chelsea Manning Day

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning will be released from prison today, and my brain has unhelpfully conflated this with “Rex Manning Day” from the movie Empire Records, largely as an excuse to get “Video Killed the Radio Star” stuck in my head. Thanks for nothing, brain. If I ever thought you were smart, you have proved me wrong. I’m renaming you “buggles.”

It is a good song, though.