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Criminal History

In general my life has been very free of crime except that my copy of The Police greatest hits CD has been stolen at least three times. Also one year my car window was smashed multiple times in multiple locations but only when I had a Pixies CD in the car. (This is a trick correlation because I always had a Pixies CD in the car.)

There was one time it seemed like I was about to get mugged but instead I got directions to the train station. Literally, I was on the wrong side of the tracks and didn’t seem to belong around there. I appreciated the help.

Raiff: Were three different copies of the CD stolen or was the same CD stolen three times?

Romie: Three different copies. It would get stolen, I would replace it, and it would get stolen again. I might have undercounted; it happened a lot of times. At this point I think of it as a public service I do for people who think the Police are really catchy but who are for some reason too embarassed to walk up to the counter of a record store with such a poppy collection.