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Manchester Bombing

I am very sad but this song has helped. Maybe for you also?


Chelsea Manning Day

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning will be released from prison today, and my brain has unhelpfully conflated this with “Rex Manning Day” from the movie Empire Records, largely as an excuse to get “Video Killed the Radio Star” stuck in my head. Thanks for nothing, brain. If I ever thought you were smart, you have proved me wrong. I’m renaming you “buggles.”

It is a good song, though.

Eurovision Final 2017

Yay Belarus! Best song. (It’s a joyful, catchy folk duet. In Belarussian. But fully 2/3 of the lyrics are “hey! hey!”)

However, if you want to see a bad song (which you know you do) I recommend you look at Romania’s entry, “Yodel It!“, or the (no longer in the running) leather pants hair dance of Montenegro.

Portugal’s song (and singer) is legitimately good. Sort of a romantic piano bar feel, or maybe looking through a rainy window at a couple at a romantic piano bar while you are yourself wistful. Salvador Sobral. He’s my second favorite after Belarus. I think the betting odds at the moment say he’ll win.

Dude on a ladder lost all mystique once he took off the horse head.

I am able to hate both the English and the Italian sections of Croatia’s English/Italian mashup song. That’s how far I’ve come.

Sabs says: I like Hungary and Portugal so far. What’s up with the Israeli inflatable weapons?

Romie: I have no good explanation. I also have no explanation for why Romania brought cannons to a yodel.

Bethany: so baffling that one

Sabs: We are all very confused about this too.

I forgot I also like Belgium’s song. Not enough to remember that I like it, but I like it. I’d look up other stuff by the singer (Blanche) but that seems difficult to search. (I think this might be her only single. She’s mostly famous for being in the Belgian equivalent of American Idol.)

Sweden’s song is so stupid and I love the backup dancers SO MUCH.

Katherine: That guy with the long hair was nailing that choreography.

Roberto: Don’t get me started on the blinking at the camera.

Katherine says: Romania was GOLD

Romie: Oh yes I have been e-mailing their music video to unsuspecting friends all week. Possibly it should replace Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” as the E.U. anthem, because it is clearly an accomplishment on that level.

Katherine: SECONDED

Feeling sad for the Israeli broadcasters. What class acts. (I had to research why they said they won’t be around next year.) They found out just THREE DAYS AGO that they’re being shut down, despite decades of very good work. I’ll miss you, IBA.

Italian National Anthem

One of my goals right now is to learn the Italian national anthem because (1) I feel disrespectful for not knowing it (2) I love national anthems (3) I think it’s my Dad’s favorite. (He’s not remotely Italian. He just watches a lot of Formula 1.)

Frankly, I think it would be best that all of you learn it too. It is very dramatic.

Something interesting about it (which is also true of a fair amount of Italian opera) is that it repeats the lyrics but varies the tune, which is the inverse of a lot of English song structure (where we often repeat a musical phrase several times with different words).