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Angela and Hillary, Sitting in a Tree

Normally, I say “look beyond the personalities; look at the issues,” but given Trump’s instinctual style, this newly invented feud with Germany looks an awful lot like an attempt to go after Angela Merkel—an experienced female political centrist with a global outlook who sometimes wears a familiar-looking blue pantsuit. I think there’s some misogynist transferrence going on, and I don’t think it’s mine.

Would not be surprised if Trump starts saying “crooked Germany” out of nostalgia.

By the way, you’ve probably missed this (well done, you), but the idea that Hillary and Angela are lesbian lovers running a sinister liberal conspiracy has been much explored by both Breitbart and Russian propaganda mills (explicit propaganda, not state-run news) over the last few years, so I’m guessing that will turn up again, too. Because women can’t be friends, or admire each other, apparently. Women and men can’t be friends, but also women can’t be friends. Too catty. Lock them in towers is what I say.

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Maria says: For reals. He’s got a beef with women in power. Let’s not forget his bizarre reception of Merkel after his inauguration. Nevermind that she’s held her tongue about him for four months. He’s made it clear that our U.S. allies are his enemies.

Rebecca says: Jesus Howard Christ. The same Breitbart that claimed Colbert was being homophobic? You don’t get to have it both ways.

Rosi says: Yep, and powerful women are always lesbians… *eye roll*

Maria: I’d tap that.

Romie: Yeah, it is kind of a lovely idea. I hate Breitbart both for sexualizing something that’s not sexual, AND for assuming I’d be upset by such a couple, when holy cow. I dream of being an Angela Merkel in a romantic relationship with a Hillary Clinton.

Jeff says: Angela Merkel earned a doctorate in physical chemistry, one of the most difficult subjects to understand. She’s brilliant, and insecure men sadly often have a problem with brilliant women.


Hillary and Me

I’ve always had trouble talking about how much I love Hillary Clinton, because it’s uncomplicated. To me, her greatness is totally obvious, and has been for the 25 years I’ve known about her. But I mostly keep quiet about it, because my admiration doesn’t seem to persuade anyone who doesn’t already like her.

That’s a strange thing, by the way. People who usually trust me to know what I’m talking about go into sudden berserker mode, like I’ve said the magic words to summon Beetlejuice. I concluded some time ago that one of the best ways for me to support Hillary Clinton was to rarely speak about her directly.

I don’t brag on myself very much either, you may have noticed.

I like this quote from communications director Jess McIntosh, one of Hillary’s campaign strategists:

“Should she have showed more emotion? I don’t know. We don’t know whether women who show less emotion get to be the president. Should she have been less hawkish? I don’t know. We don’t know if we can elect a pacifist woman president. We can’t point to where she diverges from a path that other women have taken because she was charting that path, and that might fuck with your analytics a bit, as it turns out.”

—”Hillary Clinton Is Furious. And Resigned. And Funny. And Worried.” (Rebecca Traister, The Cut)

I have been glad to have somebody to copy from for the last couple decades. Because I know, even if some other people can’t seem to make the connection, that a lot of the likeable things about me are cribbed from somebody else who I saw act that way.