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Chile’s ReciclApp

For the record, I hate “ubers of” – but headline to the contrary, this isn’t particularly uber-like. More like technology-enabled collective bargaining in the absence of a suitable government program. Socially-conscious entrepreneurship, filling a gap.

Chile’s ‘Uber of Recycling’ Is Sparking a Recycling Revolution,” at Motherboard


Upcycled Medals Metals

Hey cool!

The Games organising committee hopes to gather as much as eight tonnes of metal — 40 kg of gold, 2,920 kg of silver and 2,994 kg of bronze — from outdated mobile phones and small household appliances donated by people across Japan.

This effort, the first of its kind for the Olympics, will ultimately result in two tonnes of metal, which is enough to make all 5,000 Olympic and Paralympic medals.

“There’s quite a limit on the resources of our earth, and so recycling these things and giving them a new use will make us all think about the environment,” Tokyo 2020 Sports Director Koji Murofushi said.

Tokyo Olympics: Medals to be made from recycled mobile phones donated by the public,” Reuters