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Manchester Bombing

I am very sad but this song has helped. Maybe for you also?


Consumer Survey: Power Washers

Do any of my friends own a power washer? If yes, is it awesome? (I don’t need a power washer; I just want to be able to imagine having one.)

I likewise live vicariously through videos of people steam cleaning their carpets. I don’t even have a carpet.

[all power-washer-owning respondents enthusiastically asserted that it’s awesome.]

On Vacation?

I’ve been on vacation the last couple of weeks, which is outwardly indistinguishable from me being NOT on vacation, except I let the dishes pile up in the sink.

And then later on, I do the dishes, because I need to be able to use the sink.

I am maybe not brilliant at relaxing. Alternately, I am so brilliant at relaxing that I approach peak relaxation even on workdays.

Lia says: This differs so wildly from my day-to-day in that I currently am compelled to do dishes only by the smell emanating from the sink. Indeed, last week, I took out the trash and washed dishes and cleaned the microwave and petitioned a client’s master control for tips to banish a separate, unrelated smell. Though typically, I do dishes when I run out of forks, which is once or twice a week because I have four.

Romie: There is some overlap, in that I also only have four forks, which form a dish countdown “red line.” What winds up happening is that Ciro and I use two of them for lunch and then two of them at dinner, so dish-doing is pretty much daily. Also, I have only about one square foot of counter space, so if dishes overflow the sink, I have to stack them on the washing machine. (Which I do sometimes. I’m not proud.) Edit: I have looked with a more discerning eye, and it’s TWO square feet of counter.

Lia: I tend to build up ceramic skyscrapers in the sink until it’s too crowded to refill the water filter pitcher. Then the stove because I only use the toaster oven and microwave for cooking. Maybe one day.