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Accidental Meat Grinder

I’m a pretty friendly person who sincerely believes in the value of winning hearts and turning the other cheek, but I do sometimes encounter people who I know within two sentences I’d be happy to accidentally knock into a meat grinder. Guess they’re pretty lucky nobody leaves meat grinders lying around to facilitate that kind of clumsiness.

Relatedly, I have a new infrastructure spending plan.

Phase two is building train tracks I can tie people on without disrupting mail delivery.


Atlanta Freeway Fire

So, um, about needing that comprehensive infrastructure investment bill…

Bridge Collapses in Atlanta Freeway Fire During Rush Hour” 

Acevedo says: I once did CSPAN for the commission the W Bush admin called to do an assessment of our transportation infrastructure. The recs were too forward-thinking for the oil-controlled admin (such as calling for greater public transit to ease traffic flow and special lanes just for transiting cargo), so they refused to accept the findings. Instead, the public was given the info through a congressional hearing. It was heartbreaking to listen to professionals give concise advice on improvements that would make things better for our entire nation and knowing that their words wouldn’t go much further than the CSPAN archives. Perhaps they should have recommended zebras.

Induction Driving

“Israeli startup Electroad is working to pave the way towards a greener world with technology that retrofits existing roads with buried coils to inductively charge electric vehicles.”

Roads that re-charge your electric car while you are driving! It is like science fiction, and also like we are all become trolleys. They’re doing a pilot program in Tel Aviv. Eeeeee!

Israel to test electric roads that wirelessly charge vehicles as they drive” by Lucy Wang for Inhabitat