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Had She Never Asked Me

Watch this video; it’s an excellent 6-minute blackbox dance and spoken word piece. You’ve probably seen this style of performance done badly before; this is what it looks like done well.

The central performer is Daniel J Watts, who you maybe know from Hamilton or from the protest flashmob Love Terrorists Unite.

Money Origami Flower

The short film I’m working on (“Tick Tock Toe”) involves a magic trick in which a flower turns into money, so I’ve been prototyping the stunt 5-euro note. This is what I’ve got at the moment.

Under slightly different lighting conditions:

Strange but true: one of my overarching strengths as a filmmaker is having done a lot of origami as a kid.

To answer the obvious question: no, unfortunately I can’t give you instructions. I’m not sure I myself could make this exact fold again. I just kept sculpting the bill until it looked ok.

Bipartistan Baseball Outreach

I’ll be rooting for the Republican congressional baseball team on Thursday. (The Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park has not been cancelled despite the shooting.) Since this is hard to do from a distance, I’ll pretend to like Kevin Costner’s character in Bull Durham. BUT ONLY FOR 24 HOURS AND THEN I’LL GO BACK TO THINKING HE IS THE WRONG MAN FOR ANNIE. He does give some good baseball advice, and that’s clearly something she values.

Tokyo 70, a film by Tony Ukpo

I have a minor part in this movie (new teaser trailer) and look forward to having a major part in watching it cover to cover multiple times. (I don’t think you can normally say that about a film but with Tony Ukpo’s films it feels appropriate.) I love this series, and this teaser trailer is great. Tokyo 70 is a sequel to Tony’s 2012 feature Paris 60, the trailer of which you can find here, and the whole film of which you can find on Vimeo. They’re semi-autobiographical, semi-fictionalized film-a-clefs—a small genre but one of my favorites. Watch watch watch.

[To be clear, I don’t show up in the new trailer (except my name), so don’t make yourself crazy scanning crowds for me. It’s purely a great trailer.]