Month: June 2017

Money Origami Flower

The short film I’m working on (“Tick Tock Toe”) involves a magic trick in which a flower turns into money, so I’ve been prototyping the stunt 5-euro note. This is what I’ve got at the moment.

Under slightly different lighting conditions:

Strange but true: one of my overarching strengths as a filmmaker is having done a lot of origami as a kid.

To answer the obvious question: no, unfortunately I can’t give you instructions. I’m not sure I myself could make this exact fold again. I just kept sculpting the bill until it looked ok.


Bipartistan Baseball Outreach

I’ll be rooting for the Republican congressional baseball team on Thursday. (The Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park has not been cancelled despite the shooting.) Since this is hard to do from a distance, I’ll pretend to like Kevin Costner’s character in Bull Durham. BUT ONLY FOR 24 HOURS AND THEN I’LL GO BACK TO THINKING HE IS THE WRONG MAN FOR ANNIE. He does give some good baseball advice, and that’s clearly something she values.

Feed Yourself; Feed Some Other People

Norma’s is one of my favorite restaurants of all time, anywhere in the world. So if you happen to be in North Oak Cliff, in Dallas, near the Bishop Arts area, stop in and get you some food—pies, veggies, coffee, chicken-fried fill-in-the-blank, it’s all good. You’ll be helping homeless kids (particularly on June 15), but the person you’ll really be doing a favor is yourself.

Eat at Norma’s, give a homeless kid a birthday party” (Rachel Stone, The Advocate)

James Comey’s Firing and the Obstruction of Justice

I think we can all agree that when your boss tells you he wants you to do [x], after which you don’t do [x], and then your boss fires you and says it was because you didn’t do [x], it’s pretty clear the boss felt he had ordered you to do [x]. We don’t have to imaginary time travel back to the initial conversation to parse words and wonder what they might have meant back then. We know! We know because we are in now time.

Also, if we have time machines I’d like to use them for something else. PM me if you’ve got one.

Would also accept a magic rainbow we could gallop a unicorn across while dropping colored stars off the side.

Matt says: I have several time machines—some even conveniently fit on my wrist—but they all appear to be stuck in “move forward as usual” mode, despite my best efforts at getting them to do something else. Also, they frequently lose power and have to be reminded when they are, but their failsafe mechanism seems to keep them safely where they were at when they lost power. (Granted, they are not space machines—not moving through the manifold on their own, but they enjoy it when I take them on trips with me)

Some are getting a little old and forget a few seconds every day, but they don’t seem to be any less happy than the others.

Julius Caesar is not Trump

Fox News has manufactured a culture war story about Shakespeare in the Park in New York, which has caused at least two major sponsors (Bank of America and Delta) to pull their funding for the theatre. Fox is faux outraged about a performance of Julius Caesar in modern clothing, with a blond in the title role, which in fake news world means it’s inciting the assassination of President Trump.

“Free Speech” defenders, I’m waiting for your protest tour.

But mostly, I am mad at Fox News for being so dumb about Shakespeare. I’ve studied Julius Caesar. I’ve performed Julius Caesar (as one of the assassins! As the assassin who strikes the first blow, in fact!) That play is a fan of Julius Caesar. If this theatre did want to turn the play into a Trump commentary (which I doubt), it would be PRO TRUMP. It would be a major Trump compliment.

Shakespeare, you may remember, liked the monarchy (or at least wrote things flattering to the monarchy). Caesar is portrayed as a great guy—very smart, brilliant general—and Brutus’s central conflict is “I’m worried this is bad for our democracy, but I love this guy! On a personal level, he is so likeable!” Then, after the assassination, everything falls apart, there is a power vacuum, and it’s awful until Caesar’s heir kills all of the conspirators and takes over as for sure a king. (This reflects anxiety in Shakespeare’s England over how the successession would go after the death of the childless Queen Elizabeth.)

Basically, if Shakespeare in the Park were to put on a “Trump is Julius Caesar” play, it would be a way to say “hey, liberal audience of ours, maybe don’t impeach this guy, it’s a terrible idea that will go badly. Plus isn’t he kind of likeable and great?”

I don’t think they’re saying that. (I think they’re trying to get nontraditional Shakespeare audiences to come see Julius Caesar by dropping in “hip” “contemporary” references. Like usual.) Hence I think this is a made up story. Hence SHAME ON YOU FOX AND FRIENDS for not understanding Shakespeare plays you should have studied in HIGH SCHOOL but I guess you find WORDS too complicacted.