Bathroom Transphobia

Please excuse the indelicate language, but it’s strange for me to hear arguments in favor of restricting bathroom access, because I can’t escape that they’re hallowing a room people shit in. A shit room. A room to contain and manage poop, so we don’t have to step in poop on the street or on the floor and get poop on our shoes.

People go into a bathroom, and they poop there. Sure, there are emergent properties, like “oh, I can collect myself, reapply makeup” (I like bathrooms), but fundamentally…poop.

I always thought keep-out private clubhouses were supposed to be cool. Now, I’m supposed to pass a rigorous initiation, come recommended as “our sort of person,” and my grand prize is being able to approach a mound of human feces? This is not the kind of exclusive access I dream about.