Day: May 22, 2017

Bathroom Transphobia

Please excuse the indelicate language, but it’s strange for me to hear arguments in favor of restricting bathroom access, because I can’t escape that they’re hallowing a room people shit in. A shit room. A room to contain and manage poop, so we don’t have to step in poop on the street or on the floor and get poop on our shoes.

People go into a bathroom, and they poop there. Sure, there are emergent properties, like “oh, I can collect myself, reapply makeup” (I like bathrooms), but fundamentally…poop.

I always thought keep-out private clubhouses were supposed to be cool. Now, I’m supposed to pass a rigorous initiation, come recommended as “our sort of person,” and my grand prize is being able to approach a mound of human feces? This is not the kind of exclusive access I dream about.


When the Whigs Booted President Tyler Out of the Party

UT Austin History professor H.W. Brands points out that if Republicans don’t want to go through the mess of impeaching Trump, but do want to distance themselves, they could kick him out of the Republican party.

This will never, never happen.

However, it has happened before – when the Whigs booted “His Accidency,” President Tyler. Washed their hands of him, said “not our fault,” and left him a president without a party. His whole cabinet resigned (except American folk hero Daniel Webster, who was off negotiating a treaty with Britain. This was before the 25th Amendment.) Brands’ summary of that event (in The Hill) is delightful.