The Most American Dessert

Although we say “American as apple pie,” the most in-your-face “this is America” dessert has to be the banana sundae. y/n

Joseph:  This needs extensive side-by-side taste tests before I’m willing to commit.

Mark: Agree. Growing up I had apple pie now and then, but I had a few thousand Dairy Queen banana sundaes.

Romie: I’ve probably eaten more apple pies…but a fair few of them were English. (The Bramley apple, as far as I’m concerned, is the best pie apple. And it doesn’t travel well.) Meanwhile, putting stuff on top of stuff on top of stuff on top of stuff, all of it variations of sugar?    

Mindy: Also, for the nerds among us, it could be pointed out that the apples we use for pie are not native to North America. Maybe it should be “American as pumpkin pie.” For a F You this is ‘Merica Land of Gluttony dessert, might I also suggest the Vermonster.


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Katherine: I’m gonna say no, because it contains fruit. I’d say the most American desserts are Twinkies. Maybe Oreos. Manufactured, branded, sugar and fat delivery sources. Some sort of Mississippi Mud Pie if we’re going for the pie thing.

Romie: Oreos are pretty inexplicable. I mean, I love them. But do they make sense? No.  I will say that US residents love bananas, which have occasionally reached “craze” status, perhaps because they are very sugary and fatty. Mmmmm bananas.  Legit, we learn the song “Yes, We Have No Bananas” in U.S. History class. It is the main thing we learn about the 1920s.

Mark: They’re also dirt cheap.

Katherine: I did not learn about “Yes We Have No Bananas” in my AP U.S. History Class! and I feel cheated.

Romie: Totally cheated! It was definitely in the non-AP just regular U.S. history textbook in Texas, which as I understand it pretty much controls the national textbook market.

Katherine: Related – Most British desserts – Eton Mess, Stick Toffee Pudding. Most Canadian – Butter tarts, anything containing maple syrup, tim hortons donuts.

Rex: Chocolate Pie with meringue, please.

Josh: Could count the pieces of apple pies I’ve eaten in my life on both hands. Banana split, or banana sundae, is much closer to what I would think of as quintessentially American. Or like Mark said, Dairy Queen. Anything that is multiple sweet things, mixed up with tons of other sweet things, and packaged to be big, seems like the quintessential American desert to me. Baked Alaska? No. Not that. Too highbrow.

I’m gonna say carnival food. Funnel cake is close, but actually any dessert that is battered, dipped, and fried, taking a dessert and wrapping it in another dessert, that seems like the most American thing.

Katherine: Scotland deep fries Mars bars.

Rebecca: Mac and cheese is more American.

Romie: As dessert? Is there now dessert mac and cheese?

Rebecca: ‘Murica.

Gary: I’m thinking banana pudding is in the running, as well!

Josh: That’s a good one. I think effortlessness is a decent typifier.

Amber: I don’t see why we have to chose here? Isn’t it way more American to have your banana split on top of your apple pie? Wouldn’t that also count as a full fruit serving? Just sayin’!