Board Game Review: Tóncc

Played an obscure handmade game last night called Tóncc which is for exactly three players, who are wizards taking control of parts of the universe. I like it. Abstract simultaneous play, about 20 minutes long. It reminds me a little of Nine Men’s Morris. I think it might be possible to get a hold of it outside of Italy by e-mailing the game designer (probably with the help of google translate). It retails for 20 euros.

Jeff says: Love this! I play and collect lots of games. I’ll use Google’s “page translate” feature to read up on Toncc today. (I bought “The Grizzled” on your recommendation, Romie.)

Romie: The Grizzled! I still haven’t won it, which is part of what I like about it. What’s more satisfying than a hopeless collaborative struggle against impossible odds?

Jeff: I haven’t played it yet, but the goals and rules appear well thought out, and the artwork is excellent.