Day: May 16, 2017

Board Game Review: Tóncc

Played an obscure handmade game last night called Tóncc which is for exactly three players, who are wizards taking control of parts of the universe. I like it. Abstract simultaneous play, about 20 minutes long. It reminds me a little of Nine Men’s Morris. I think it might be possible to get a hold of it outside of Italy by e-mailing the game designer (probably with the help of google translate). It retails for 20 euros.

Jeff says: Love this! I play and collect lots of games. I’ll use Google’s “page translate” feature to read up on Toncc today. (I bought “The Grizzled” on your recommendation, Romie.)

Romie: The Grizzled! I still haven’t won it, which is part of what I like about it. What’s more satisfying than a hopeless collaborative struggle against impossible odds?

Jeff: I haven’t played it yet, but the goals and rules appear well thought out, and the artwork is excellent.


Collins-Cassidy Healthcare Bill

Republican senators Susan Collins (Maine) and Bill Cassidy (Louisiana) have been working on an alternate health care bill which does not cut $800 million from Medicaid, and does not prioritize tax cuts over coverage. Their stated goal is to keep Trump’s campaign promises of lower premiums, better care, and coverage for everyone, which is what the American people voted for. As they craft their bill, Collins and Cassidy are holding meetings with Democrats instead of just grousing about Democrats.

I don’t know that it will be a better bill than Obamacare. (You know I want to scrap employer-based healthcare entirely.) However, it’s credible. It’s the kind of approach you take if you are genuinely trying to fix something and help American citizens.

It’s not surprising that Collins and Cassidy would know a thing or two about this subject: Collins used to be the insurance commissioner of Maine, and Cassidy is a physician who founded several nonprofits to get free or low-cost care to low-income Baton Rouge families.

The fact that neither of these people were asked to be part of the main Senate working group on healthcare is shameful. They should be the leaders. It tells me that other bill isn’t about healthcare. Remember this later on, when Mitch McConnell et al are trying to get everyone to kiss the ring. They’ll say it’s a collection of the smartest Republican ideas. Isn’t.

Maria says: Your last paragraph hit the nail on the head. The GOP can’t accomplish the budget they want without gouging the ACA. So you’re right. The current bill isn’t about health care. So it remains to be seen if Collins and Cassidy will even get a GOP an executive audience for their bill. But at least it will be on the record.