Not a Politician

A few times now, I’ve seen low-level Republican politicians try to rationalize alarming Trump actions by saying a variation of: “He’s not a politician, so we shouldn’t be surprised when he doesn’t act like a politician.”

Which really makes you wonder whether a few of them are truly so stuck inside the beltway bubble that they aren’t sure what “regular” people act like.

Hint: Not like Donald Trump.

There is no situation in which people behave like him and it is good and kind and normal. RUN AWAY RUN HE PLANS TO KILL YOU ALL IT’S NOT SAFE THERE

Angela says: After Trump’s commencement speech at Liberty University yesterday, I fear that if impeachment proceedings happen he will call for the Alt-Right to wage a “holy” war against anyone who doesn’t support them. Please tell me you think I’m way off base.

Romie: I don’t have a high opinion of the organizing capacity of the alt-right when it comes to meatspace. Pretty much any time they’ve tried to hold a rally, they’ve been engulfed by antifa activists (i.e. The Vast Majority Of Us) and fled in tears under police protection. A well-regulated militia they aren’t. For instance.

I mean, my impression (and I could be wrong) of the armed-up conservatives I’ve known is that it’s like prepping for the apocalypse; it’s the “when they come for me I’ll defend myself” stockpile. It’s fearful and based on persecution. It pairs well with complaining on the internet, or with voting for a certain type of candidate, but it doesn’t translate as easily to “grab your gun and come be the agressor.” I’m not trying to mock here; it’s the difference between “I’d die for this” and “I’d kill for this,” which is a big difference.

Schneider:  I think we can see Romie’s theory in recent practice. When Progressives showed up in droves to make the point that they supporting each other, same sex marriage, women’s rights and science. Trump asked for similar shows of support from his base and they failed to move the needle. Millions marched around the world for Women’s Day as a show of defiance. No such numbers have come together on the other side.

This highlights my biggest problem with the Trump regime, Truth. Long after Trump is gone, people will still be unable to trust anything coming out of the White House, only they’ll use it like a weapon as they do the term “Fake News”. The right will toss their distrust of the White House at the left in the same way they say “We suffered under Obama for 8 years, now it’s your turn!” Without a moment’s thought of what that even means. We are less than 6 months into this term and 40 years of growth after Nixon has been fully eroded. I’m waiting for Trump to just announce he’s going to release proof of UFOs as his next dodge.