I Need a Hero. Specifically, Wonder Woman.

I am a hard sell on superhero movies. But I’m psyched for Wonder Woman. The final trailer is pushing all my buttons.

“If you choose to leave, you may never return.”
“Who would I be if I stay?”

Gets it.

I tend to be pretty skeptical that an individual director on one of the big modern superhero flicks will have much control of the property (the producers are pretty heavy handed), Christopher Nolan aside. HOWEVER I’m starting to get optimistic that Patty Jenkins was able to bring significant Patty Jenkins-ness to this movie and THAT is very exciting. Jenkins was the director of Monster, which is some pretty impeccable bona fides. Also some episodes of Sarah Silverman’s show and Arrested Development. Also grew up a military brat. Perfect combination of perspectives to bring to Wonder Woman.

My heart was pretty hardened until this trailer specifically. But I saw a lot of glimpses of relational stuff that’s likely to make me delightedly crunch popcorn. That little kid Diana on a horse, for instance. Or the lassoed Steve! (Tied up cleancut guy with a laconic sense of humor being feisty is pretty much my bulletproof kink. It’s very specific. And shows up in weird places like Sleeping Beauty, and Resident Evil 4.)