Sanders and Perez Endorse Pro-Life Candidate; There’s Outrage; Perez backpedals; Sanders Chastizes Feminists

Go to hell, Bernie Sanders. My economic security is directly related to my ability to control my own reproduction.

It is not less important than your favorite issues. It is more important than your favorite issues, you ASS.

Give me part of your liver to eat and then maybe we’ll talk about your understanding of the situation.

Otherwise, fakey half apology not accepted.

Also “Heath Mello” sounds like a store-brand Mountain Dew knockoff he’s done an endorsement deal with. Just me? Heath Mello is the healthier alternative because it uses turmeric instead of yellow dye, plus bee pollen, and the caffeine is organically extracted from free-range guarana. Also it gets you pregnant. But only if you have a negative vibe, so be chill and it’s fine, you know?

[Note: Although I’m having fun with Heath Mello’s name in ways that seem insulting, I like the name. I like people with weird names. Look at my name. I could rally behind a Heath Mello.]

James says: I’ve always felt that misogyny was at the heart of not only Bernie’s big supporters (Bernie bros) but also his own progressively myopic world view.

Romie: Myopic is a good word. In his own voting record, he supports reproductive rights, so it doesn’t feel like hating women as much as not having the visceral sense that women exist with the same sharpness as real Americans. Like, he knows they do, but they’re kind of fuzzy and not within his field of focus most of the time.

I don’t know what the word for that is, although it seems like academic feminists have to have one. That thing where you never attack Hillary Clinton for being a woman, only for her choices, but you can’t see how her choices were sometimes constrained by being a woman. Myopic works for me, but if you have a flash of portmanteau brilliance, let me know.

Stacy: Mysoginopic? Mysognorant? I’m going to get this.

Romie: Mysognorant is delightful and fragrant.

Dwayne says: Part of the problem that we progressives are facing is our own infighting. We pick one thing and expect it to be the most important thing to everyone else, and when it isnt we try to tear everybody else down. We need to show that without reproductive rights women die. This is not hyperbole, it is the truth, childbirth used to be the largest killer of women. Without reproductive rights women lose access to education, and higher paying jobs. The list is endless. How do we show that this isn’t just a political push, but a push for real meaningful shift in society? Without trying to demean or destroy other progressive ideas.

Romie: It’s easy to fight for because it’s already a progressive idea. We’re not fighting for a shift, but the same things that are already in the platform: access to contraception, non-criminalization of abortion, healthcare that includes obstetrics, and childcare subsidies. Most of this already exists in law, including laws Sanders voted for, and is widely popular. It’s the people who want to roll it back who are the minority. It doesn’t make much sense to give ground to them.

But I think it’s a good idea to talk openly about the physical changes that happen to a pregnant woman, instead of thinking of pregnancy as a glowing smiley blond lady who maybe has hillarious morning sickness. Once you understand the danger, the need becomes essential – and on the other side, you stop worrying that poor women will just “take advantage of the system” by having a lot of babies to get benefits (because you really couldn’t pay me enough to have a kid if I don’t want to) so you get rid of one of the boogeymen used to attack anti-poverty programs.

Mindy: I happen to be a blond pregnant lady and am nowhere near glowing and smiling. I have extra pimples and a whole lot of bitterness and hostility towards anyone who thinks I should be glowing and smiling. Screw anyone who thinks the majority of lady people are gonna go through this bullshit more times than necessary for funsies and a few extra dollars.

Romie: You mean you’re NOT emitting internal light that makes everything go into sparkly soft focus? Are you sure there’s a baby in there? (On the plus side, you have double the blood volume of a non-pregnant woman. Double Blood! That is part of your pregnancy weight and a reason some women develop hypertension, but you could bleed so more than the rest of us and still be ok! It is an amazing superpower. Also, some of the fetal stem cells will pass to you and repair bits of your organs and make some of the fetal dna permanently a part of you, so no matter what hapens, you are now a chimera.)

Mindy: Yuck.

Gene says: The Democratic Party supports pro-life Democrats, but let’s kick Bernie when he supports a pro-life Democrat. Clinton’s VP pick was a pro-life Democrat. Wow is the hypocrisy ripe in here.

Romie: It’s not hypocritical for me, who is not the Democratic party but a Democrat within the party, to say I do not support pro-life Democrats or the supporters of pro-life Democrats. Also, Bernie isn’t a Democrat according to himself. Also, you have no idea whether any of the people here like Tim Kaine. But you keep tilting at windmills, buster.

I’m sure my insistence on my own bodily integrity will fade after enough people tell me I’m being a meanie to poor ol’ Bernie who will just crumble to pieces when he hears I think he’s wrong about something.

Bless that Bernie Sanders. I’ve been so selfish to say I need to know the government won’t force me to bear and raise children, putting my body and livelihood at risk. The real victim here is all the people who have had to read my harsh language blaspheming Our Only Savior.

Erin says: In addition to what everyone else has said, Bernie’s perspective posits a focus on the working class as distinct from reproductive rights, when the latter is actually inseparable from economic inequality and contributes to the cycle of poverty that economically disadvantages women in many different ways. His statements are like a reverse dog-whistle to people seeking to protect reproductive rights; they signal so clearly to the rest of us how myopic he is, while he and his apologists can’t see their blind spots. Gah!

Romie: What’s especially frustrating is that I get the argument “look, I’m endorsing this guy because he’s still better than his opponent, by a lot.” I’ve made that bargain plenty of times! If Bernie just said that and stopped, fine. But to have moral snootiness about it, and chide feminists for getting upset, like we’re the problem with our purity tests and nonexistent massive institutional power, and how dare we even so much as say “this sucks” – gross gross gross. Suuuuper condescending in the exact way that makes me think “hmm, this is not a compromise for you in the same way it is for me.”

Erin: Agreed. One benefit, if that’s the right word, of all of this: I just read a comment on another person’s post that the ultimate outcome here—Perez’s blanket statement that DNC candidates should be pro-choice, and an announcement from the mayoral candidate that he would not support policies that infringed on reproductive rights—are positive outcomes.

Romie: Yeah. It’s a good backlash. My main emotion isn’t a sense of betrayal as much as a desire to get incredibly loud to make sure the party platform goes where I want and stays there.

Erin: Agreed!