Day: April 20, 2017

A Superdupergroup is Born

nugent palin kid rock

1. Do you think Kid Rock, Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent will be forming a supergroup?
2. What is it called and where is it touring?
3. Will awkward freestyle raps be contributed by a hologram of oil painting Hillary Clinton, or Trump on the phone from Mar-a-Lago?


Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Bankrolled Mad Max: Fury Road

It still gives me a jolt each time I see Steve Mnuchin in the credits of a movie, as in Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. It’s particularly startling at the end of Fury Road, a film seemingly devoted to pointing out how mythologically bad an idea the Trump administration is.

Other Mnuchin faves:
Jupiter Ascending (shut up it’s good)
Inherent Vice
The Edge of Tomorrow

On the other hand, he helped finance Prometheus, which may be my least favorite movie of all time, and he fronted (and lost) a lot of the money behind Relativity Media, a production company whose grave I still dance on. (They were the ones who claimed they could figure out whether movies would make money based on an algorithm, which was a lie.)

(It was a con. It was people pretending to be a computer. Moreover, the supposedly brilliant thing the computer did was…putting a big star in a crap movie. In the short term, you make money off the star’s reputation, but then audiences figure out the movie is bad and there’s backlash against the star and the production company, and actors start to stay away or demand a bigger cut, and the business model falls apart.)

(It’s not even a fresh idea, it’s just people hypnotized by the word algorithm. You dummy, Steve Mnuchin. But thank you for Fury Road. I love that movie.)