Facebook Anti-Spoofing Trick

Facebook privacy settings suggestion: You know how sometimes you get friend requests from spoof accounts that claim to be your pre-existing facebook friends but aren’t? I’m still not sure what the spoofers get out of it, but the way they do it is by copying a name and profile photo, and then sending friend requests to everyone on that person’s friends list, which is usually public.

You can fix this on your own profile real fast and make it harder for someone to make a spoof of your page, just by changing the privacy settings on your friends list.

This is NOT the same as the privacy setting on your posts. You may already have all of your posts set to friends only, but it’s likely your friendslist stayed public by default. (Facebook assumes your friends list is something you want to brag about.) Conversely, you can manually set your posts to public, but your friends list to just-you or friends-only (like me!)

What you want to do is:
– Go to your profile page by clicking on your name on the blue bar at the top of your screen.
– Scroll down to your “Friends” box on the left side of the page.
– Click the down arrow in the top left of that box. That brings up the single option “edit privacy”
– Do so. Any setting other than public is going to make it much harder for spoofers to imitate you and send spammy imitation friend requests to your friends.