No Trump Tax Returns; No Visitor Logs

To no one’s surprise, Trump continues to not release his tax returns, including for this year. He doesn’t have an excuse. He just doesn’t want to.

Meanwhile, he’s beset by so many conflicts of interest it takes thousands of words just to list them. He’s still spending tons at Mar-a-Lago, and using his office to advance his and his children’s business interests (including, recently, getting Ivanka some valuable permits in China).

As for drain the swamp, it’s looking more like “stop letting people measure this rapidly growing swamp.” He’s not releasing visitor logs, or allowing normal press access, and has not only opened up restrictions on hiring lobbyists as regulators, but is signing waivers to exempt people from ethics laws, and then keeping the waivers themselves secret.

But sure, I bet the taxes are above board and it’s AMERICA being made great instead of one fat pocket with which to buy friends.