21 Homeless Girl Scouts, And Counting

People I admire in the New York Times story “Living by the Girl Scout Law, Even Without a Home,” by Nikita Stewart:

-the troop of girls

-their parents

-Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who represents the area of Queens where the shelter is located, was himself homeless as a child, regularly visits homeless shelters, and reached out to Girl Scouts of America to suggest they make something happen

-Troop leader Giselle Burgess (working mom, homeless)

-Girl Scouts of Greater New York, which is covering the cost of the supplies

Maybe some of you reading this dreamed of living in a hotel with a lot of kids your age, forming a club to take care each other and have adventures. Or maybe you remember reading about or hearing about girl scout troops in Japanese-American internment camps, or the Weihsien Concentration Camp, or that girl scout volunteers were some of the first civilians to enter Bergen-Belsen after its liberation, to provide humanitarian aid. (I’m amazed there hasn’t been a popular tv series about the Grey Ranks yet.)

I’m glad to know we have 21 more scouts than we did a few months ago. Scouts are good.