The Resurrection of the Titanic and Remembrance of Icebergs

Today is Good Friday, but it is also the anniversary of the Titanic hitting an iceberg, so this is our best chance to find out if there’s a secret calendar-linked DVD special feature on the James Cameron film that shows us the real ending, where three days later the Titanic rises again from the deeps, crewed by Jack, that mom in steerage, and the only-temporarily-drowned string players, who take to a life of piracy and eventually high-seas WWI espionage. (The iceberg had a cloaking device, which one of the scrappy kids reverse engineers.)

Alternately, you can pour yourself a drink that is mostly crushed ice, and raise it to the poor iceberg that was minding its own business when a giant ship smacked into it. A few years ago, i09 told that iceberg’s story.

The rest of the icebergs are commemorating the occasion by convening near Newfoundland.