The Orchid Mantis

Flower fairies are a lot more Geiger than what was described to me in my childhood.

Summer says: Why are those even more squicky to me than stick insects? <shiver>

Romie: There is something texturally unsettling about flower petals; they seem so bruiseable. And in the case of the mantises, it’s 100% sinister; scientists have concluded it’s not for protective camoflage at all, but to trick insects they want to eat into landing on them. And they don’t even look like flowers to those insects! They look like something even more beautiful than flowers, like the movie star version of what a perfect flower would be.

Summer: Yes! The selfish subterfuge! Are you familiar with my fear of sunflowers?

Romie: No but I agree they’re creepy. I quite like them, but make a lot of Day of the Triffids jokes about it.

Jeff says: I love them. A memory from about age five or less that is still vivid was when I watched, amazed, at what I would much later learn was a common northern walkingstick insect. Many of the adults I later told thought I’d lost my mind when I described what I’d seen.