Day: April 5, 2017

Proposed Designs for Trump’s Border Wall

Border wall bids include tourist attraction, solar panels” — the Associated Press

Some of the long-shot bids are pretty fun, including forming an autonomous shared state in between the US and Mexico – sort of a Vatican of culture, full of libraries, art galleries, makerspaces, and a hyperloop. Otra Nation, I love your hustle.

Listen to this charming jargon: “Otra Nation is a regenerative territory open to citizens of both Mexico and the United States… the world’s first continental bi-national socio-ecotone.” I have no idea what socio-ecotone means! But this would be the first!


Healthcare Reform as an ugh group project

News keeps trickling out about Mike-Pence-led meetings to resurrect the heathcare bill by offering different contradictory things to different constituencies to see if any of it sticks. (It hasn’t.)

I feel a sense of deja vu, but it’s not deja vu about the recent Paul Ryan healthcare bill. It’s more like every group project ever — where nobody really has a project in mind, but you have to turn in something because otherwise you’ll fail the semester.

Is anybody else getting that – the sense that the White House wants “a bill” so they can “pass it” by some kind of deadline, but that’s about the extent of it?