Massachusetts e-filing taxes as a foreign resident

Yay, I’ve done my taxes! And e-mailed the Massachusetts ones to my dad in Massachusetts, so he can print them out and put them in the physical mail, because Massachusetts wouldn’t let me e-file with a foreign address, even though that is exactly the condition under which it would be most helpful.

Great job, Massachusetts.

I know it must confuse you that I keep stubbornly insisting I pay for your roads and schools and watersheds and homeless shelters even though I’m nowhere near there, but it’s my legal responsibility and you definitely know that.

The real weird one is how I’m a full-year resident of Massachusetts but my qualifying minimum medical coverage is through the government of Italy. The forms are not equipped.

Because of the shape of the commonwealth, I always picture Massachusetts as lying on a fainting couch. The whole state.


You see it, right?