Let Nanny Go To Prom

There’s a teenager in Eufaula, Alabama, who wants to take his grandmother to prom, because she never got to go. But in his school district, you need a special exception to bring a date who doesn’t go to the high school, and especially anybody over 20. So far, the district has said no.

Specifically, they’ve said they’re worried that if they say yes, “future students will do it as a joke and make the school a mockery.” That’s a strange thing to fear. I don’t see how it would be anything other than wonderful if this became a trend.

Kudos to this sweet teen. I hope the district will reconsider. #LetNannyGoToProm

It’s not like there isn’t precedent. Here’s a story from a couple years ago about a teen in Prophetstown, Illinois who brought his grandma to prom. The town didn’t burst into flames. Everyone had a happy, sweet, innocent good time.