Lungs Make Blood

Before I get too excited, I want to note that this is from a MOUSE STUDY of mouse lungs. That’s important, because we constantly generalize things from mouse studies that turn out to be not at all true in humans. I would say it is the most common error in biomedical reporting and/or extrapolation by futurists.

However, the scientists “strongly suggest” this is also true in humans [skeptical look at the scientists, who may be mice in disguise].

Study says: Around 50% of platelets may be made in the lungs instead of bone marrow. Stem cells go back and forth between the two places, making blood.

If it is true, treating blood clotting problems might get a lot easier and cheaper sometime soon, both because we’d have a better idea of what we were doing, and because we can get to our lungs without having to drill through our skeletons.

Nice return on “wild idea random experiment” NIH funding, right?

Part two: I am now in a full-on body horror hallucination where my lungs are clotting and become red jello.