Day: March 25, 2017

Missing Black Girls in DC, a clarification

A reporter at NBC’s (very reliable) local Washington, DC station spoke to representatives at the police department and one of the founders of the Black and Missing Foundation, and says there has never been a day when 14 young black kids in DC have gone missing. Nor is the rate of disappearances higher than it’s been in the past. It is true that the police have recently started publicizing missing-person cases on social media (the opposite of “everybody’s ignoring this”), which is getting people found more quickly.

To quote the article:

So far this year, the District has logged a total of 501 cases of missing juveniles, many of them black or Latino, according to the police department. All but a handful have been solved.

Twenty-two juvenile cases remained open as of March 24, according to the department’s website. Police only had the photos of 13 of these youth, who are considered “critical missing persons.”

They’re not being kidnapped. Those 488 cases that have been solved? In 100% of them, the teen left voluntarily (i.e. ran away).

The wholesale kidnap of DC’s young black women appears to be fictional. No idea who made the popular (and false) graphics that went viral, or why. I know some of you have been worried; I was. I’m thankful to NBC4 for clearing this up.

Incidentally, NBC4 is also the home station of Meet the Press. Which is, I have just discovered, the longest-running TV program in U.S. history. It’s been going since 1947.


Checking in with Jon Ossoff

We’re about three weeks out from the special election in Georgia’s 6th district – the one to fill the seat of Tom Price (the guy who is now Trump’s Health Secretary, and doing a memorable job of it). So I checked in on Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff, who you may recall me saying about a month ago that I like.

Looking good. A Georgia polling outfit, Opinion Savvy, has him almost certainly advancing past the first round, and being neck-and-neck in the second. (They’re using what’s called a jungle primary, where all candidates of all parties run against each other, and if nobody gets above 50%, the top two run off.)

Caveat: State-level polling does NOT tend to be as reliable as national-level polling. There’s less money behind it, there’s a smaller sample size, and there are fewer chances to test your method. However, Opinion Savvy has Ossoff at 40% that first round. That was a poll conducted before the health care bill was pulled on Friday, which is expected to move the numbers in…some direction. (Anybody’s guess.)

Wouldn’t it be cool if Ossoff got to 50% in the first round, done and dusted? Apparently, the online fundraising is making a difference, so if you have (or would like to) throw a couple bucks at the campaign, you can claim full credit for any victory that might happen in this area just north of Atlanta.