Victor Borge

As my uncle Rex points out, “wittiest guy ever and English was his second language.” One of the great comedians. If you need a laugh today, this video‘s first minute and a half alone will sort you out.

Gives me hope that I will one day be funny in Italian. But not Victor Borge funny, let’s not get ridiculous.

Jeff says: My introduction to Victor was at about age six on PBS’s “The Electric Company”. I never knew until now that English wasn’t his first language.

Romie: Born in Copenhagen. Was playing a concert in Sweden when the Nazis occupied Denmark. Fled to Finland and then the U.S. (on a U.S. army transport, no less, the last ship out before I think a blockade?) Did not speak a word of English when he arrived.

Rex: The year after arriving in U.S. he was doing comedy on the radio. In English. He learned English by watching the same movie repeatedly til the dialogue made sense. In two years he was a regular on the Bing Crosby show. After four years he had his own show on NBC! Amazing.