Stop It With The Food-Shaming

The one and only time I’m going to come to the defense of Donald Trump: I don’t get it when people make fun of him for liking fast food. I like fast food too. Not all the time. Not even frequently. But that stuff’s delicious. Fat plus salt? Sign me up.

I kind of feel like I’d find him grosser if I was asked to constantly picture him eating steak tartare, fois gras, caviar, frozen smoke bubbles made by molecular gastronomists. I’m glad he’s not crunching on ortolans. Imagine Trump eating an avocado quinoia bowl with a smoothie. It’s an upsetting juxtoposition that would diminish my future enjoyment of those foods. Him with a cheap burger, or a bucket of fried chicken? Seems about right.

Plus access to cheap fast food dollar menus pretty much saved my life a few times when I was poor. That is not a category that includes The Donald, but is a category that includes plenty of voters who don’t need to be told they’re gross for getting excited over delicious delicious taco bell.

Gabriela says: I guess I missed the picture of him eating. Not sure who owns McDonald’s, but in my opinion Burger king is better… crunchier french fries! and the lettuce is crispier.

Romie: It’s not a specific thing; in a lot of articles about him, the journalist mentions him eating fast food – I guess as an “odd” detail since he could afford fancy restaurants. He does seem to legitimately like the stuff, and appeared in a bunch of fast food commercials over the years (there’s a supercut floating around youtube somewhere).

None of that bothers me – not the eating, not the reporting. But a lot of snark pieces list his eating fast food alongside things like his terrifying xenophobia, financial conflicts of interest, reputed history of sexual assault, warmongering, race-baiting, and general disrespect for democratic ideals. I don’t think eating fast food rises to the level of “puts the world in danger.” It’s going for humor, but immediately takes the focus away from actual problems and puts it on the author’s weird food issues and classism – and it makes it seem like all that other worrisome stuff is just as trivial and niche a concern as “ew I only eat amaranth harvested by monks because my body is a temple.”

P.S. I also prefer Burger King to McDonalds