The Fury of Climate Change Deniers

I am a woman. Who is a feminist. Who is queer with straight privilege. Who is simultaneously a race traitor and an appropriating colonizer. Who is both an atheist and a Christian. Just last week, I literally advocated for a transition to full communism. A few months ago, you may recall I tried to help overthrow the U.S. electoral system.

However, the thing that consistently makes angry strangers appear to shout at me and demand I leave the internet is when I post about the scientific consensus on climate change and the need for legislation to deal with it.

I have to assume they know on some level it’s a real problem.

I have to assume they have faith that as long as they maintain control, they can keep me in the kitchen or out of the bathroom or whatever, and so I’m not scary. But the only way to get around climate change is to do the thing I’m saying.

Berta Caceres was murdered last year by a Honduran paramilitary squad, but you know what her dying didn’t change? Climate change happening. According to Global Witness, 185 environmental activists were murdered in 2015 alone – three people a week butchered as they tried to stop illegal logging and mining and drilling. People with money and guns didn’t like that. You know what’s still with us after their deaths?

Climate change.

Bullets can’t stop it. Screaming at strangers to leave the internet won’t stop it. There are no alternative facts. There is no spin that can save you. My conspiracy beats your conspiracy on account of being real.