How to Stop Climate Change

If you think nobody knows what to do to stop climate change (and therefore you can sit tight not doing anything), you are deliberately ignorant. Here are some of the plans that have been in the news the past couple of years:

1. The Paris Climate Accords
2. The Global Climate Change Initiative
3. moratorium on drilling on federal lands
4. fuel efficiency standards
5. carbon caps
6. investment in clean energy
7. research into carbon sequestration
8. tighened EPA standards
9. funding for climate science programs at NOAA and NASA

There are literally hundreds of plans, and they have been well-publicized, including by “fuck Obama” types who hate them because Obama. They aren’t pie in the sky dreams of a science fiction utopianist; they are things that have been hashed out by politicians and by scientists in the agencies that would enforce them.

You’ve heard of these plans.

If you say you don’t remember, it’s because you’ve chosen not to. Also, I think you’re a liar.

Also, the guys getting rich off your stupidity aren’t going to share any of their benefits with you when you drown or your house gets knocked down or you can’t afford food.

Kate says: Thanks for being passionate about this. Apathy is tempting because it feels like a big impossible problem, especially for one person to face alone. It helps to be reminded that huge swathes of intelligent experts have plans upon plans upon plans and that millions of people recognise the importance of the work and want to support it. It’s so much easier to solve a problem when people are on board with the fact that it is a problem and there are workable solutions.

Romie: I appreciate your saying so. We will get big and loud together. Even if climate and the fate of all humanity weren’t involved, I think I’d be furious merely on the grounds of smug dudes trying to get away with making everybody else do the work while they coast. I’m not doing your damn dishes for you, dudes. I’m going to get the government to mandate you do your dishes.

Kate: Yes! DOWN WITH SMUG DUDES (which I typo-ed as ‘duds’ which is also appropriate)

Craig says: The Renewable Fuel Standard ratified in 2005 was created to reduced the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. However, the Renewable Program has faced a host of problems because it’s managed under the honor system. Hence, creating an environment suitable for credit fraud. I’m in the middle of creating a computer program to reduce or stop this type of fraud. However, trump is going to cut the EPA by 31%, this proposal is starting to have effects on the Renewable Program. A cut this deep will seriously cripple or destroy the program.