Senator Whitehouse insists on transparency

There’s been a lot of attention (deservedly) paid to Senator Lindsey Graham’s dogged pursuit of information proving or disproving the Trump team’s connections to Russia, and by extension whether the FBI has behaved appropriately. But I want to give a shout out to his subcommittee co-chair, Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island who yes for serious is Senator Whitehouse.

Whitehouse is an ex-Attorney General, and his big focuses are campaign finance reform and mitigating climate change. He and Graham like each other and are both ex-prosecutors (Graham was with JAG), and I would 100% cast them in an inside-the-beltway spinoff of Boston Legal.

There have been quite a few articles that mention both of them, and inevitably it’s a lot of Lindsey Graham (and sometimes Chuck Grassley) laying everything out, and then right at the end there’s a quote from Sheldon Whitehouse, who notes he would prefer the requested FBI briefing (there have been several requests) be unclassified.

Because yes. If you are trying to put an end to blind-item rumors and anonymous sources, you need to be able to say things on the record. If you are worried the FBI is withholding critical information, and releasing that information based mainly on what is politically expedient, you want all the cards on the table. Visibly. Face up. So that we can make decisions in a democracy, all of us. Thank you for making sure to get that point in there every time, Senator Whitehouse.

Possibly I will insist all supreme court nominees be refused consideration unless and until they nominate one named Oval Office or Rotunda.