Day: March 11, 2017

The Future Liberals Want

THIS is the future that liberals want: Limahl singing “The Never Ending Story” in front of a rainbow painting in 1984. I had no idea this was what the singers of this song looked like. I love them, and it, even more now.

They are a good looking pair, for true. I like how kind-hearted and open their facial expressions are, and how present, while simultaneously acknowledging the delight of being out on the edge. A sweet playfulness with culture. Admirable.

I guess that’s Mandy Newton (from sometimes Kajagoogoo) in the video instead of studio vocalist Beth Anderson (who lived in America rather then the UK, where “Top of the Pops” is). So that is NOT the face behind the voice I’ve always heard. But I love her.


Trump Golf Courses

This is my favorite false equivalency I have encountered recently. The backstory: Since Trump became president, Trump-branded golf courses have been seeing a LOT more business (the money for which goes into the pocket of guess who) from people who want to curry favor with (or show support to) the pres.

This presents a conflict of interest, because, for instance, if Trump has spent 30% of his time in office vacationing at Mar-a-Lago (he has) where he golfs, and appearing on the cover of golf digest (he has), it’s pretty reasonable to question whether there is an element of not so much vacationing as opting to do what’s best for his golf courses instead of the United States.

Ok, here’s the false equivalency, the one that made me laugh really hard, via The Atlantic (“Trump’s Children Say They’re Profiting Handsomely From His Presdidency,” David Graham):

“Eric Trump told the Times that this was no different than the positive economic benefits that accrued to Crawford, Texas, when President George W. Bush visited his ranch there. But of course that analogy would only make sense if Bush had been the owner of the town of Crawford and stood to personally benefit from it, which he was not and did not.”

What do you call your act, Eric?

“The Aristocrats!”

Sidebar: It’s unusual to have a popular golf course right now. Golf participation is in decline in the US. It hasn’t caught on with millenials, and has been hurt by (or has partially caused) the shift which made urban living cool. The heyday of housing developments around golf courses seems to be in the past. A lot of them are shutting down. One imagines climate change (and attendant damned mosquitoes) is also playing a role. Trump golf’s surge in profitability is running counter to the larger trend.

Correction: The Palm Beach Post has crunched the numbers and found that although Trump has spent 31% of his days in office at least partially in Flordia, if you break it down by the hour, you come out to a mere 23% of the total *time* as president. I admire their commitment to precision.