If you didn’t watch Conan O’Brien’s “Made in Mexico” special, it’s worth your time to catch up. Among other things, there’s some top-tier prop comedy by ex-PM Vicente Fox.

It made me surprisingly emotional, and it was fortunate I had kleenex handy. It’s no secret that I grew up in Texas, which was part of Mexico before it was part of the United States. I have a lot of Mexican-American friends, and also a lot of Mexican friends.

I always expected our countries to develop a closer bond – for NAFTA to become something like the Schengen area. It is strange and sad that people at the head of my country talk about Mexicans like they’re enemies or boogeymen. That’s not how I feel. It’s hard for me to accept it’s how most Americans feel. If they do, they’re wrong.

In any case, I’m sorry for the pain we’re putting Mexicans through at the moment. If you think wild Trump statements are only wild and terrifying for the US, imagine being our newly-despised neighbor while investors use the peso as a weird currency hedge.