I Killed JFK

If you’re looking for something to read over the weekend, I sincerely recommend the book my uncle just put out, I Killed JFK, by Rex Rasor. It’s what would happen if Back to the Future had been directed by Rob Reiner, working from a script by Oliver Stone. Among other things, it accurately captures the feel of old Oak Cliff, the neighborhood of Dallas where I grew up. Here’s a sample paragraph:

Without being told, I crossed the alley and took up my position. Looking over, the Lone Ranger put his gloved index finger to his lips and then pointed up-alley. There in the full noon-light stood Daytime Wolfman. Not hiding and skulking like Wolfman does. Banker’s Hours Wolfman was walking right up the middle of the alley like Marshal Dillon. Bold as brass — or in this case, silver. An old lady stepped out from behind a tree, and he howled so loudly I almost fell down. He moved toward her and growled that trademark greeting that normally precedes a tender throat tearing.