Pizza Queuing

At what point can we assume we have the green light to go ahead and eat the rich?

Papa John’s is taking a page from the airline industry and testing a fee that lets people bump their pizza orders to the front of the line. The chain says the $2.99 “Papa Priority” fee was recently launched in select locations, and it’s looking for ways to expand the test. [Associated Press]

You can literally now pay to steal food out of poor people’s mouths.

And if you’re poor, you get to anxiously worry that you’ll never get the thing you bought unless you pay the “optional” fee. Otherwise, you’re on the standby list, maybe for hours if it’s a busy night.

What do you want to bet that even if you’re at the front of the line already, they’ll let you pay to bump up to priority position? Some real prisoner’s dilemma manipulation games going on here.