Haircut Threat Level

More ambiguous than defcon levels, and simultaneously not: Today I got mad enough at work that I cut off my hair during lunch break.

It was not a full Empire Records shaved head, so there is clearly cause for optimism.

It’s more Vidal Sassoon, official hairstyle for fighting fascists.

But also kind of Jed in The Night Manager, because my hair is my hair and therefore swoopy on its own agenda. That’s less semiotically ideal, but anyway it looks good. I’d take a picture, but it’s dark in here. Use your imagination.

Caroline says: I’m really interested in what a hairstyle for fighting fascists may look like.

Romie: Vidal Sassoon, the hairdresser who did those shiny angular bobs that were popular with mods in the 60s, was also a member of 43 Group, a secret society started by British Jewish ex-servicemen who battled fascist political orgs that tried to mobilize in England after WWII, by direct conflict and by infiltration. In my favorite story, Sassoon showed up at the salon with a black eye after a street battle and claimed he had gotten it by tripping over a hairpin.

Joseph: Didn’t Rosemary go to Vidal Sassoon?

Romie: Yes indeed. Although Mia claims that she didn’t, just the character. Which makes sense. That pixie’s not so Sassoony.

Carol Anne says: Whenever a female character cuts off her hair in a book, play, or movie, she’s about to kill herself or somebody else.

Romie: Mostly true, but occasionally she’s about to run away and form a secret identity.