Gang of Eight

When you call your congresspeople today, maybe bug them about reviving the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill (aka The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013, S.744). It passed the Senate 68-32 last time but was never called for a vote in the house. Most of those senators are still there.

The fast-paced deportations Trump and ICE are working on are taking place against the background of a legal immigration system pretty much everybody agrees is broken. The law the executive branch is enforcing so rigorously? Bad, stupid, outdated. Inhmane to immigrants who follow the law and still can’t catch a break. Overly punitive to people who make small, accidental mistakes. Misaligned with what we want for our economy.

We know we need reform. We know how. Get this bill back on the agenda. One way to get rid of bad law enforcement is to get rid of bad laws. It’s our job as citizens to demand proactive, long-term fixes, and not get stuck jumping at each new shadow cast by the flame of this single problem. Snuff it at the source. Call Congress.