Hat in the Orbital Ring

Big announcement time: I’m officially declaring my candidacy for President in the year 2220. Given that Trump will be holding his first 2020 campaign rally this weekend, I think it’s not premature for me to get right out in front of this, and also to say that he’s small hands potatoes. A big part of my 2220 platform is that I will have figured out how to radically expand the human lifespan. Watch this space (and also, space).

Romie Faienza: A president for tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Make sure your great, great grandchildren know to vote for me.

Bobbie says: This will be great, l mean totally awesome. I will write my vote for you in my will so every election you can count on me!

Romie: The current president insists without evidence that the dead already vote in substantial numbers, so I think the time is ripe to introduce a “voting in perpetuity” bill and make this thing legal.

Nic says:  Can my reanimated robot hand be your VP? It’ll run around doing all kinds of antics and will be adorable.

Romie: I can’t see how this could possibly go wrong! Clone robot hands for my entire cabinet!

Nic: You’re on the ticket Lefty!