Day: February 15, 2017

Deadwood Dick


Look at this cowboy who is the epitome of cool. That’s Nat Love, also known as Deadwood Dick. He drove cattle all over the place and then wrote a bestselling memoir about his adventures, which sure are probably a little embellished but that’s part of what makes them so dang cowboy. If you care to spend day 15 of black history month reading stories about storms, gunfights, famous outlaws, and trail camaraderie, you can find a free copy at

You can tell how good it is just by the title:

The Life and Adventures of Nat Love
Better Known in the Cattle Country as "Deadwood Dick"
by Himself;
a True History of Slavery Days,
Life on the Great Cattle Ranges and on the Plains
of the "Wild and Woolly" West, Based on Facts,
and Personal Experiences of the Author

Incidentally, he eventually got married, quit cowboying, and became a pullman porter and then a bank guard. Died in respectable old age. It’s kind of like if Butch and Sundance pulled off their retirement (and weren’t train robbers).


On the Gallup

All I have to do is type g and google autocompletes to This is clearly a sign that I like polls and that not many web addresses start with g. (And that google sensibly presumes I’m not googling google.)

Michael says: ¬†For myself, autocomplete for “g” yields the gripping, egalitarian, and guileless site of A testament to my propensity to post smart-ass gifs as a reply in the comments section.

Gary says: Clearly, I get my very recent search topics including Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco, and Glutathione!

Under the Aegis

I wanted to know how much I need to worry about the North Korean missile test, apart from whatever ironic security breaches took place at Mar-a-Lago (and elsewhere). It seems like we’ve got it handled, at least in the short term?

Thanks for having our (and South Korea’s) backs, crews of the guided missile destroyers USS Stethem and USS McCampbell, and developers of the Aegis system (including but not limited to physicists at Johns Hopkins and MIT).