Shout it Out

Reminder: While of course we need to elevate voices from traditionally marginalized groups, one aspect of privilege is that we get to be in the room when things are discussed that are kept secret from people in those groups, the same way they experience things kept secret from us.

For instance, when I have been discriminated against because of my gender, it has sometimes been easy to spot – but other times, I had no idea until I was tipped off by a male ally who could see how differently people acted when I wasn’t in the room.

We need ALL eyes on the ball right now. Don’t assume everybody already knows something that you know.

Special shout out to unintentional secret agents: invisible bisexuals, white parents of non-white children, people with hidden disabilities

This is especially important at a time of immigration raids, mosque burnings, anti-trans bills, stepped-up KKK recruiting, and synagogue bombings. This is a time to tattle.