Mor Stars Plz

Rooting for Puerto Rico to become a state, but I’d also back a move toward independence. Their referendum is nonbinding because it’s up to the US congress what happens in Puerto Rico – they are an unincorporated territory full of US citizens without full representation, like DC residents times a thousand. They deserve a chance to exercise their American right of self-governance, one way or the other. (I personally like the way where we change the stars on the flag! Let’s add lots of states! Including DC! Stars are great!)

Puerto Rico governor approves referendum in quest for statehood” in The Review

C.S. says: I wish adding stars meant that Battle of the Network Stars was coming back and we could see Topher Grace beat the crap out of Jim Parsons are some ridiculous acrobatics challenge. In the name of being the star added to the Flag.

Romie: I like it! Maybe we could do something like a miss america but only with the talent contest and only entertainment professionals, and it’s all the states versus all the states – so I guess a cross between Eurovision and America’s Got Talent. And the winner state gets to turn one of the flag stars of their choice the color of their choice for a year, and, I don’t know, have to agree to build a flashy infrastructure project.