Russian Hacker Sanctions

This is the same group (FSB) that, just a month ago, our intelligence community determined was responsible for the attack on our democracy,” Swalwell told USA TODAY. “We just made it easier for the same group to import into Russia the tools they could use to hack us or our allies again.”

Swalwell said he will explore methods for Congress to enact its own sanctions.

“We have French and German elections coming up, and we just made it easier (for the FSB) to go after them,” he said. “They can sharpen the knives and come after us again.

U.S. eases restrictions on cyber-security sales to Russian spy agency” by Doug Stanglin, USA Today

Sidebar: It is possible this is not at all sinister, but if so it’s a little pathetic that a British newspaper is doing a better job explaining that than White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.