Vote Dani

Dropping this here for Dallas friends who live in TX-32 (Pete Sessions’ district). In 2016, the Democrats didn’t field a candidate in your district, which frustrates me not only because I am a Democrat but because I believe in competitive elections. (Even more than I am a Democrat with a capital D, I am a democrat with a small d, an anti-monarchist.) Welp, at least one candidate has already declared for 2018. Check her out and see whether she’s somebody you can get behind – and if not, keep looking (perhaps in the mirror).

Dani Pellett is a trangender New Deal Democrat

P.S. On the big-D little-d note (so appropriate for a seat in Big-D): small-r republican means the same thing, and friends of mine in the UK who are anti-monarchist refer to themselves as republicans. Everybody in the US can de-capitalize their political orientation to get behind competitive elections.

Erica says: Dani is great. She was a driving force behind the “Prep the Platform” movement at the Texas Democratic Convention last year, which was a successful push to put forth a more progressive agenda to be sent from the state convention to the national convention. She’s a stats and policy person and seems to really know her stuff.