My Hero Shirley

I’d like to kick off black history month by saying thank you to Shirley Chisholm, who is not merely one of my heroes, but one of the driving forces in my life. The example she set is something I try to honor every day. If I don’t have her picture taped up in the corner of my laptop, it is only because she is already in at the edge of my vision, all the time. I’ve thought about doing it anyway.

This is a long (and funny) speech about women’s equality.

This is a short story about a lunch table battle in the house of representatives, and so much more, executed with great strength and humor.

If I could be half as good as Shirley Chisolm, I’d still be smarter and braver and funnier and nobler than just about anybody. Not one of us deserved her. She was undeterred by that.