Copywriter Shade

Copywriters can’t even come up with a decent meaningless tagline anymore” by Mark Duffy for Digiday UK

This made me smile. I love it when ad writers call out ad writers for shoddy work. Aside from that, this advice about how to brainstorm a slogan is top notch:

You consume as much knowledge about the brand as you can, let it all incubate in your brain, and start writing. At first, you try to make sense. Get a bad, inaccurate thesaurus, like Roget’s, and start connecting words. Connect them in and out of order. Then, leave your senses and write any stupid thought that comes into your mind. […] Use curse words. Write anti-taglines — taglines that make the brand sound like the worst thing ever invented. Write 50, 100, 500 taglines. Eventually, you may get to something that’s pretty good. But you may not.