Protest Non-Fatigue

I’m interested in this idea that these outrages are trying to induce protest fatigue, the assumption that “fury at injustice” is a finite resource that is depleted each time you use it.

For me, I find my will to resist increases the more I do it, like physical exercize, like an immune system, like muscle memory and reflex. It becomes a habit, a regular part of my day. I am less and less able to imagine not doing it.

Sabs says: Same, up to a point. That point is where I start to get involved in the behind-the-scenes organizing and it turns circular firing squad.

But up until that point, if I go to one protest, I can go to ten more. It’s the long gaps in between that make it difficult to go to the first.

Romie: I just got through watching the documentary She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, and toward the end, one of the major voices in the women’s rights movement in the US was like “I quit three times, about once a decade” and everybody else was like “yeah, there was that time my group declared me ‘the opressor’ and kicked me out because I was too famous and therefore must be complicit” “same, I was running meetings too effectively so other people felt silenced” and then everybody laughed a lot. It was very relatable.