Dream Bigger

Trigger warning: I’m about to talk about “white guys” but I am not calling out white guys. Promise. Just bear with me a sec, it’ll make you feel good, I think.

I’ve noticed that most of the “calls to reason,” the ones that tell me not to expect, say, that it’s possible to impeach Trump, and that we should all lower our goals, are being written by straight white men. You know the posts I’m talking about. These guys really want things to be different, but “looking at the situation realistically,” think that we need to acknowlege we’re already defeated and should focus on what we can get, which they define much more narrowly than I do.

And I want to say to straight white liberal-but-realistic guys who have given up hope: dare to dream. It’s more possible than you think. When we tell you all the time that you need to diversify your inputs and listen to women and listen to homosexuals and listen to non-white folks, we’re not just saying that for our benefit. We know some things.

There are whole demographic groups of us who have been WAY out of power before, and those of us in one or more of those groups have spent our whole lives in a system that wants us to accept less than equality. Our history of hard-fought battles tell us it’s worth fighting for the things we want. We win more when we don’t settle, when we don’t start by assuming an ideal society is impossible. And we do it without becoming vampires on our own hearts.

As long as someone’s going to say no to us, make them say no to a big thing, a beautiful thing. It’s not worth giving your all for something that wouldn’t make you happy.